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FitMind: Neuroscience-Based Meditation App for $49

FitMind: Neuroscience-Based Meditation App for $49

Expires April 30, 2120 23:59 PST Buy now and get 75% off KEY FEATURES The problem with meditation is that there are so many different methods; it’s hard to know what to practice. Meditation can seem complex and difficult to master, or otherwise over-simplified. FitMind combines ancient techniques with western science to create an effective […]

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AYO: Light-Based Personal Energy System for $199

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AYO: Light-Based Personal Energy System for $199

AYO: Light-Based Personal Energy System for $199

Beating Jet Lag & Boosting Your Energy is as Simple as Putting on This Wearable
Expires January 16, 2018 23:59 PST
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Having trouble making it through the day? Traveling through time zones and have to get up for a meeting? We’ve all felt the debilitating effects of a lack of energy. That’s where AYO comes in. This personal LED-based energy system emits a soft blue light, completely controlled by the AYO app, with smart programs for Sleep, Travel, and Energy. Boost energy, beat jet lag, wake up refreshed, and recover faster—all with one simple, high-tech wearable.

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‘AYO is the ultimate tool for beating jet lag.’ The Gadget Flow

‘AYO is the first step in the personal adjustment of internal body clocks. It will help us to improve our lifestyle, to remain healthy, and to keep the doctor away.’ Bert van der Horst, Chairman of Health and Chronobiology at Erasmus Medical Centre

  • Reduce fatigue & energy drop by getting energized in just 20 minutes
  • Adapt to a new time zone 2 to 3 times faster & travel seamlessly
  • Improve your sleep quality in less than 5 days by falling asleep easier & waking up more naturally
  • Personalize your AYO by creating a user profile based on your sleep habits & lifestyle information
  • Choose a program depending on your needs



  • Free app compatible with iOS and Android


  • AYO glasses
  • Case
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