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Dodecahedron Tactile Toys for $19

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Dodecahedron Tactile Toys for $19

Dodecahedron Tactile Toys for $19

Find Your Focus by Fidgeting with 12 Unique Sides
Expires April 10, 2024 23:59 PST
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Maintaining perfect focus for 40 (or more) hours every week at a desk is downright impossible. That’s okay, nobody expects you to be productive every second. However, for times when you really do need to buckle down but you can’t seem to settle your wandering mind there’s this dodecagon tactile toy. This 12-sided toy features a unique game on each side to occupy your restless fingers while you can stay focused on the mental task at hand.


Details & Requirements

  • 12 sides include: gear, rotating disc, button, silicone ball, rocket, switch, silicone rope, soft silicone, worry stones, minions, and up/down buttons


  • Dodecagon tactile toy (green)
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