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Pavlok Electro Wristband for $134

Pavlok Electro Wristband for $134

Break Any Bad Habit with a Little Shock Therapy
Expires October 25, 2017 23:59 PST
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Got a bad habit you’re aching to break? Don’t make yourself crazy with methods that don’t work – train yourself like Pavlov’s dog with the Pavlok. This little shock wristband sends you a light shock every time you engage in your bad habit by pressing the lightning bolt on the band or the zap button on the phone app. You can also set up automatic shocks through one of the many integrations. Any habit, same solution. Your brain will create an aversion to your bad habit when it’s paired with a shock, that’s just classical conditioning.

‘Anyone looking for a little extra motivation to get in shape, throw away your personal trainer and buy a Pavlok.’ Peter Sagal, NPR

‘Other gadgets and apps dabble in behavioral change … Pavlok takes things a step further, delivering a much stronger message.’ Jennifer Jolly, New York Times

  • May be set up to vibrate, beep, or zap when you engage in your bad habit
  • Keeps you mindful of your goals so you can break your bad habits
  • Completely customizable to your habit
  • Works automatically or manually, depending on your preference
  • Fully integratable w/ your browser, IFTT, other apps, & even your Fitbit


Details & Requirements

  • Battery life: 2-5 days
  • Includes

    • Pavlok Electro Wristband (black)
    • Micro USB cable
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