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MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard for $32

MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard for $32

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SunFounder MagicKey is a multi-function controller based on the Atmel ATmega32U4. Connect this little controller board to a Raspberry Pi or PC and you can use it to create a gamepad to play your favorite games, a keyboard for standard typing, or a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) to play music through conductors as diverse as metal objects and fruit. Using the Raspberry Pi visual programming language software, you can easily change key values to uncover a whole new world of Internet of Things fun. Technical creativity starts with the MagicKey!

  • Combines gamepad, keyboard, & MIDI functionality in one
  • Uses anything conductive as the keys for your creative works
  • Change the keys’ value for your creations using the Raspberry Pi visual programming language software
  • Multiple connections let you use buttons on board, alligator clips, or pin headers as inputs
  • Can connect to computer via mini USB cable for further keyboard & gamepad use

Note: Raspberry Pi or PC required for use.


Details & Requirements

  • For full instructions, click here.


    • MagicKey board
    • Mini USB cable
    • Set X wooden case
    • 6 M3*12 screws
    • 6 M3 nuts
    • 15 alligator clip cables

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MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard for $32

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