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Levimoon: The World’s First Levitating Moon Light for $199

Levimoon: The World’s First Levitating Moon Light for $199

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The moon is a fascinating celestial object, its waxing and waning phases the inspiration for tomes of poetic tribute. Each night we see it differently in the sky, and with the world’s first levitating moon light, Levimoon, you’ll see it differently in your home, as well. This remarkable light levitates over its base and changes its light with the simple touch of a button.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

  • Total restoration of the moon
  • Slim & elegant docking
  • Easy levitating operation
  • Changeable brightness & colors
  • Levitation can work 24/7 & recharge wirelessly
  • Perfect as a mood light or night light


Details & Requirements

  • Moon light diameter: 15cm
  • Levitating dock dimensions: 12.2cm x 12.2cm x 3cm
  • Moon light material: PLA
  • Base finish: walnut wood
  • Lighting color options: warm yellow and cold white
  • LED voltage: 0.1 Watt ~ 1.5 Watt
  • Working hours: 10-100 hours
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery


  • Moon light
  • Dock
  • AC adapter
  • Dock protector

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Levimoon: The World’s First Levitating Moon Light for $199

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