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Roqos Core Firewall Router + Free Month of VPN Service for $119

Roqos Core Firewall Router + Free Month of VPN Service for $119

Cybersecurity, Parental Controls, VPN & Easy Networking Make Up the Pillars of This Innovative, Open-Source Router
Expires October 10, 2017 23:59 PST
Buy now and get 12% off


The internet isn’t what it used to be, why should routers stay the same? The Roqos Core is the first home internet security service that provides cybersecurity, parental controls, a VPN service, Dynamic DNS, oh, and you know, a home network. With protection for any IoT device on your network and an open source platform that allows new security features to be developed every single day, Roqos Core always stays ahead of the security curve.

4/5 Stars, Network World

‘With Roqos, you don’t have to worry about installing malware protection and parental controls on your and your kids’ devices.’ PC Mag

Named one of WIRED’s Favorite Routers for 2016

  • Protect your kids while they’re away from home w/ Roqos VPN on their phones
  • Pause internet on specific devices whenever you want or create schedules to limit internet access
  • Get real-time notifications on suspicious activities or network problems via phone or email
  • Maintain security for every device on your home network w/ Roqos VPN without installing it on each device
  • Stream HD content from services & from your media players in your home while you’re anywhere in the world
  • Access your home network by a domain name rather than by IP addresses
  • Share WiFi access w/ guests via text or email quickly
  • Gain more security features as they become available thanks to the open-source platform


Details & Requirements

  • Includes first month of cybersecurity, parental controls, dynamic DNS, and VPN services free ($17/month thereafter)
  • Open source software (Linux Debian, Suricata, MongoDB, BIND, iperf, OpenVPN, and more) with root account access
  • Simultaneous dual WiFi 3×3 802.11 AC and 2×2 802.11
  • 5-port Gigabit switch
  • 4 2GHz cores
  • 2GB RAM
  • 8 GB local storage


  • Roqos Core Firewall Router (coal)
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Roqos Home app for Android, iOS, AmazonFire and browsers GUI
  • Roqos VPN app for Android, AmazonFire, iOS (coming soon)
  • OpenVPN application for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • 1 month of cybersecurity, parental controls, dynamic DNS, and VPN services
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I’ve done this a couple of times and I keep forgetting the commands so I thought I’d better write them down. In order to disable a specific service in CentOS startup use the following command. In particular the dovecot service chkconfig dovecot off chkconfig dovecot –del So basically it’s: chkconfig [name of service] off chkconfig […]

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Email to Fax and Fax to Email Service

One of my friends recently asked me for some advice on what brand and model of a fax machine he should get for work. He discovered his work fax machine died because of the constant use. When he asked me what type of fax machine we use for our own business I told him that […]

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