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Slughaus Bullet 02 Flashlight: 3-Pack for $24

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Slughaus Bullet 02 Flashlight: 3-Pack for $24

Slughaus Bullet 02 Flashlight: 3-Pack for $24

The World’s Smallest Flashlight Just Got Smaller
Expires December 20, 2017 23:59 PST
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Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum, the Bullet 02 is the most functional, most minimalist, most refined EDC flashlight on the market. Waterproof, fireproof, tiny enough to fit on your keychain, and bright enough to guide your way, this ingenious little invention is considerably smarter than your average bullet.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter

‘It might be the perfect LED flashlight for studying the Second Amendment late at night under the covers.’ Cult of Mac

  • Inspired by the iconic 40 S&W round
  • Can be attached to virtually anything; your gym bag, your jacket, your keys
  • Suitable for any indoor or outdoor situation
  • Features a quick 180ยบ rotation that is spring locked for secure on/off operation
  • Durable enough to be run over by an SUV (yes, they’ve tried)
  • Can be submerged underwater for 5 minutes without any water breaching its seals


Details & Requirements

  • Weight: .211 oz
  • Dimensions: 0.413″W x 1.18″L
  • Materials: aerospace grade aluminum alloy
  • Battery: 3 LR44 button cells (included)
  • Type of bulb: LED 5mm


  • Gunmetal Bullet 02
  • Black Bullet 02
  • Brass Bullet 02
  • 9 LR44 batteries
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