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TimeFlip Magnet Simple Time Tracking Device for $44

TimeFlip Magnet Simple Time Tracking Device for $44

Expires December 31, 2020 23:00 PST
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Sometimes you just want to yell, “Stand back! I’m going to hack time!” And then suddenly you’ve just immediately done everything you need to do. But that’s all fantasy, and your commitments and responsibilities haven’t gone anywhere. Turns out, there is an easier and very real way to become more productive with your time. TimeFlip Magnet is a simple, playful toy that combines a tangible device with a powerful software platform that keeps you on track. Just assign your tasks to each side of TimeFlip, turn it to track how long you’re doing a specific task, and then once you’ve finished just flip it over to move onto the next task.

“TimeFlip is a super-simple gadget that lets you easily track how much time you spend on different activities just by flipping it around.” TechCrunch

“[TimeFlip Magnet] is a simple idea that could transform the way you track time.” Digital Trends

  • Assign specific, customizable tasks to each of the 12 sides by drawing or attaching stickers
  • Turn the polygon when you go to a new task & it automatically starts tracking time
  • Access stats via app or web interface to get a graphical analysis of your time usage in the last day, week, month, or year
  • Integrates w/ Toggl, Harvest, Todoist, Trello, JIRA, ZenDesk, and Wrike apps to keep you on task
  • Create your own use case for TimeFlip through the developer API program


Details & Requirements

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery life: 1 year (CR2032 button cell)
  • Onboard memory stores data from 1166 flips, which corresponds to 40-80 days of activity


  • iPhone 4S and later
  • Android 4.0 and later


  • TimeFlip dodecahedron sensor
  • Mobile app
  • Foldable plastic case with magnetic anchoring

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TimeFlip Magnet Simple Time Tracking Device for $44

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