What I learnt about VPS hosting in Australia

August 19, 2011   /   byMarco  / Categories :  Technology

Ok, so you’re looking at going down the track of using a Virtual Private Server – yes, this is a cheaper alternative that having a physical server.

A Virtual Private Server is basically a logical partition of a physical high end server. So multiple virtual private servers can exist on the physical server. For the hosting company, they segment the memory, CPU and disk space to each of their clients and sell this to their clients and thats how they make money.

What you need to understand is that there are a few limitations with VPS (depending on your plan):

1. If you intend to use Windows 2008 R2 Server on the VPS cheapest plan (that is 512MB memory, 1GHz CPU, 20GB storage, 50GB traffic, 1 static IP with either Windows/Unix) it will run on 512MB of memory – it’s just enough to run the OS only so if you add additional component such as SQL, PHP then you may run out of memory. The miminum memory requirement to run Windows 2008 is 512MB but if you install additional features or software packages you’ll run to problems (e.g can’t start the management console, messages that you’re running out of memory). On a physical server you can create virtual memory by using the disk space however for a VPS you can’t because it’s already on a virtual environment. Now, what are you options? If you ask the ISP to just increase the amount of memory on the VPS then they will tell you to upgrade your plan and which means spend more money.

2. Storage – depending on your plan you’ll always run into an issue with storage. If you’re planning to host a basic website then 10G of storage is fine but then if you have a complex website that requires SQL and constant image updates you’ll eventually run into a problem. The good thing is that you can pay for additional disk space.

3. Support – some VPS hosting companies don’t offer 24/7 support or even weekend support. Now if you have a scheduled outage for maintenance on the weekend and something goes terribly wrong, you’re stuffed. Wait until Monday.

Overall, you’ll need to assess why you want a VPS, if it’s just for hosting a normal website then there a cheaper alternatives but if you are running a customised solution that requires high uptime then VPS would be the best bet… or you can purchase a Dedicated Hosting.

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