7 Advantages Of Digital Signing For Businesses

October 10, 2017   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Business, Software, Technology
Business Legions - 7 Advantages Of Digital Signing For Businesses

In the modern world, it is difficult to find an employee of a bank that has not heard of an e digital signature because such signatures are especially popular in this sphere. They are used both for the payment transfers and for internal electronic document management systems.

Business Legions - 7 Advantages Of Digital Signing For Businesses

There are numerous benefits of electronic signatures. Thus, it is also obvious that this technology has broad prospects for implementation in all other spheres of life that have at least something to do with the transmission and processing of information. In particular, this technology can have many benefits for businesses! In this article, we will tell you more about what digital signature advantages and disadvantages for the businesses and their owners are there!

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Signature?

Today, the digital technologies are getting closely interlinked with all spheres of our everyday life, and the modern business community has already adopted many innovative technologies. The e-commerce is no longer something new. More and more business owners start using online tools and technologies like SEO to gain more benefits and grow their business faster. And another “big thing” that has been around lately is a digital electronic signature that has almost completely replaced the original method of signing documents.

Digital electronic captions are much more complicated than the usual ones. They are used to identify the authorship of electronic documents. Some entrepreneurs have already admitted the obvious advantages of this technology and for those who are still unsure, below you will find the top seven benefits!

  1. The whole system is very safe. The safety of this technology is the most significant advantage! A digital signature is almost impossible to falsify, which means that all of your business’s papers will be protected!
  2. It is much faster. Using this type of signature you reduce the time for document exchange. Earlier it could take several hours or even days to receive and print the document or certificate, sign it, and send it back to the needed recipient. With the e-signatures and online document exchange, this time is reduced to a few seconds, which is beneficial for all sides and is much more convenient!
  3. You reduce the expenses for printing and delivery of documents. This is another valuable advantage, especially for small businesses, who are concerned about the wise budget management.
  4. You receive a guarantee of the document’s integrity. What does it mean? Using the EDS, it is easy to control the integrity of the document because if, for some reason, any part of the document gets “lost”, the electronic signature for it will automatically become invalid because it remains valid only for the original state of the paper.
  5. Limited time, during which the legal significance of the EDS remains valid. Unlike the handwritten caption that maintains its legal significance regardless of the time, the electronic signature has time limitations related to the validity period of the key certificate. As a rule, this time is specified when creating the key.
  6. It is easy to prove the authorship of a document. As was mentioned earlier, using an e signature requires having a unique key and thus, unlike the hand-written signing, copying the digital one will not be possible without the key.
  7. There is a possibility to share the key with another person. If you have a need to give one person (or a group of people) a possibility to use your caption without your presence, you have a possibility to do this!

Final Words

The Internet gives us many useful possibilities. In fact, there is nothing that you could not find on the Web. Even such basic things as writing an academic work or even a business plan are no longer necessary to do on your own because you can simply turn to a professional writing company and ask “please, write an essay for me”.

Business Legions - 7 Advantages Of Digital Signing For Businesses 2

And e-signing is just another useful tool! All the benefits mentioned above make it a convenient tool for businesses, especially when you often have to deal with nonresident and foreign partners. This helps you to save time, reduce expenses, protect your company’s documentation, and protect your identity – and thus, we recommend this convenient tool for all entrepreneurs, who strive to make their workflows safer and more efficient!


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