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In this post, I wanted to share with you some of the top Social Media Tools I’ve been using for the past few years that you’ve probably never heard of but should use straight away. There are many Social Media tools available in the market but the ones I’ve listed I have actually used and would recommend you use. These tools can help you increase your exposure (both in terms of traffic and social media presence) – I wish I came across some of these tools earlier!


Business Legions - Social Wall

If you need to aggregate and display your social media posts at an event or on your website then this is the perfect tool. It’s a SaaS tool that you can use to display all your social media posts in a cool and engaging way. Let’s say you’re the event coordinator for a large conference and you needed a way to display the company’s social media posts and also posts people are sharing during the event, then Social Wall is your solution.  You can set up the Social Wall to display social media posts from Twitter and Instagram by using particular hashtags. The Social Wall can even display custom posts meaning you can add your own images or content such as a call to action messages and they will not be displayed on your Social media accounts. This is perfect for events where you just want to target messages to attendees looking at the Social Wall.

Business Legions Social Wall Expo Conference

If you’re a website owner and you wanted to display your social media posts on your website, then Social Wall is the must go to tool. It has been tested with a number of Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify and others platforms. It’s very easy to use and you can quickly give your website the wow factor.

You can basically display the Social Wall on any digital medium like a website, digital signage such as a screen, a mobile phone, Facebook Pages or any other digital solution – the possibilities are endless. Try it out as there is a 14 day trial –

If you use the Voucher Code BUSSINESSLEGIONS17 the team will extend your trial period to 30 days. The monthly subscription cost of the Social Wall is AU$30 per month which is very reasonable considering all the features included in the subscription.


Business Legions QuuuPromote

If you find it hard to promote your social media posts, then we have the solution for you. As the name suggests, helps social media marketers promote social media content on the network. This helps drive traffic and engagement (shares) to the content that is submitted. They cleverly do this by having influencers share content to their followers. So let me explain the process a bit further. Let’s say I wanted to promote this particular post. I would login to and create the post that will be shared by the influencers. I will then add it to a particular category to share e.g Social Media, Technology or a category related to the content. The team at Quuu Promote then manually read the content and post. They then determine whether it meets their guidelines. From past experiences, they are very strict on following their guidelines because they don’t want to simply recommend any type of content – I’ve had my content rejected a few times and I could understand and accept the reasoning behind it. Here’s an example of a post I promoted on their network. It was shared 828 times and it was clicked on 348 times.

Business Legions - Quuu Promote

If it’s approved, then the influencers are able to see and then share your content to their social media accounts. So you might be asking yourself, why would they want to do this? It’s because sharing regular (yes it has to be regular) content on social media is one of the main ways to build your following and influencers are always looking for content to share with their audience/followers. So and facilitate this whole process of promoting and finding content that is relevant to a particular category or industry. Click here for more information.


Business Legions - Missinglettr

Another little hidden Social Media tool is called Missinglettr. Basically, Missinglettr automates some of your social media campaigns by scheduling and automatically generating variations of social media posts so that your content can be reposted throughout the year. It’s similar to an email drip, but more specifically for social media content. It is particularly useful if you needed to constantly promote your product throughout the year – just set and forget. What I really like about this tool is the way it can randomly create variations of the post automatically with text, images and hashtags. This is how the dashboard looks like when you login:

Business Legions - Missinglettr _ Dashboard


However, there is still some manual process involved to create the scheduled posts since some may not actually make sense. The system takes snippets of the actual text in the posts and makes them look like quotes as an image or it can randomly use an image in the post and add text as the description. You easily connect and post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook platforms. It also comes with a 14-day trial so give it a try and watch your social media posts. Click here to register for a trial or for more information.


Business Legions - Stencil

Stencil is an easy to use SaaS tool that allows you to create engaging images so you can use to posts directly to your Social Media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Buffer accounts. You can also download the images and then post them to all your Social Media accounts and it’s very easy and intuitive to use. I like using this tool because there are pre-made templates so you can simply replace the images with your own or they have images and icons you can use for free. Unlike some of the other tools where you have to pay money per image, this one is already included as part of the subscription plan. The features on Stencil is constantly growing and one of the great features is the ability to create quotes by simply searching or clicking on the list of quotes. You then simply add a background and you instantly have a quote you can share with your Social Media followers and we know how viral quotes can get. You can also upload your logos/watermarks and easily toggle them to display it on your content. Here’s how the dashboard looks like:

Business Legions - Stencil Dashboard Quote Example

You can try it for Free which will allow you to create 10 images/month with limited photos and icons – which is sufficient for most bloggers. If you want a better plan, then they have the unlimited which only costs $12 per month!! Click here to try the free version.

There are probably more cool Social Media products available and I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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