Follow These Tips to Re-Optimize Your Old Blog Posts

January 18, 2018   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Business, Websites
Business Legions - Follow These Tips to Re-Optimize Your Old Blog

Owning a blog spot is a great venture that comes with Pandora boxes. This is especially true for start-out bloggers. Their focus is on ensuring that there’s a constant feed of new information. But while you do this, the relevance of old posts becomes ignored and loses its initial value. Feels frustrating and discouraging for someone who puts the effort creating each piece of content for the blog. Everyone wants to be unique, and there are times we feel like everyone has grabbed up all the topics. In other words, we get caught up in daily routines. Family, work, school – at the end, there’s a struggle in keeping up our search for new information.

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Republishing blog posts is an option for those who do not want to turn their older publications into a waste, but to get maximum profit from them. Do you realize that your archives are brimming with articles holding more potential than perceived? Maybe they were not ‘hot items’ when you first published them. The world is in a constant cycle of change. People’s information preferences change daily. In other words, if you dig them out and publish them, the so-called ‘old’ info can become a sensation. This can happen especially if the content of the post is somehow related to trending topics.

Sounds quite comforting, but there is one clause: how does one choose the proper one? This can be a bit tasking if you have over 50 selections in your archives. Not to worry, we have decided to gather up some tips we feel would help you re-optimize old writings, EduBirdie will help you out if you don’t feel like doing it on your own.

  1. Get all your ancient posts in one list

You will need to use analyzing applications. They will check out parameters like keywords, backlinks, time spent on the page, how frequently the post was shared or reacted to. Get these results conveniently tucked into a document and check them thoroughly. Now you can see what topics are more engaging for your visitors.

  1. Date check

It has been proven that blog content can be timeless, i.e., they fit any season and decade. But due to their original publishing date, they get pushed to the back. A simple flick of the date can change the game totally. In making the tip work, there’s no need to touch content. Just change the day, month and year to something recent. This clearly confirms the fact of ‘people love new things’. Although, be careful to ensure the blog post is at least 97% timeless. You might not like the outcome of getting ‘caught’.

  1. Outlook fix

Another thing to consider when choosing how to optimize blog posts is the outlook. By this, we mean the general appearance of the article. If there’s one thing we have noticed, it is the fact that people no longer fancy very long reads. They prefer short, insight-driven posts that are straight to the discussion. And if you take a look at some of your previous content, you will see certain paragraphs that need editing. It is possible that you were lacking words when you wrote it. But now you know much more. You’ve got a chance at resizing the piece and making it look like it was never written. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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  1. Content fix

Nowadays, people choose to follow the accounts with quality visuals only. By visuals, we are referring to images, videos, graphics and even instances used in proving a point or two. You can give your old write-up a new look by changing the images used, or add a video that applies. Alternatively, you can make a swap. Replace all pictures with short animated gifs or leave a video and replace the rest with pictures. Examples used to prove an argument could also be edited. There is always a great variety to choose from. Make good use of it.

  1. Links from other sites

This is one of the most common tips used, irrespective of when the post was created. It has been tested to work on new posts, and we feel it can work on old posts also. Inserting links to trusted sites that have something similar to your article is a good move. It works especially if your post is a review of certain products. You can attach links from sites that offer improved variants of these products. We call that a win-win for you and the website involved.

What are you waiting for? Those old write-ups may possess tricks capable of saving someone unwanted stress. Discover what works best for you, and use it judiciously.

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