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If you need a tool to help you manage your live chats, email marketing and gather some useful analytics then have a read below. ConvertFox is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Business Legions - ConvertFox

Live Chat

Gone are the days when people called a company to ask questions about a service or product.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, no one wants to wait for the phone to have their questions answered. Secondly, most people no longer have a landline and use their mobile phones to call so depending on your plan it can be expensive to make a call and wait to speak to someone. Thirdly, it’s costly to hire staff to answer phones and overseas outsourcing is controversial.

These days people find the information they want on the internet. It’s quick to use and can be done in private. But the question remains – how do businesses quickly respond to potential customers wanting more information? If they can’t find it on your website they might just go to another site and you’ve lost potential business.

This is where ConvertFox provides a great service. ConvertFox believes that you never leave a customer behind. They provide the ability for your business to target live chats with customers and visitors to your website. What’s even better is that they capture email addresses so that you can continue the conversation via email if the visitors go offline.

Your staff that are responsible for responding in live chats can be doing other work and respond to multiple enquiries at the same time.

Email Marketing

Sending an email is not hard. Sending a great email that grabs the attention of your customers and nudges them to behave in a certain way is much harder.

The key is knowing your customers and what they want. You have to ensure that the email provides enough of a hook that it interests the reader but also looks great so that it stands out amongst all the other emails that they get.

ConvertFox creates beautiful and effective email campaigns that get your customers to respond. You have total control over how the emails are sent – you can send one-off email campaigns or trigger emails based on user behaviour. You can even schedule and automate drip campaigns. It’s your choice.

ConvertFox also allows you to measure the success of your email campaigns which helps you improve your service.

User Analytics

In addition to being able to offer Live Chat and Email Marketing Services, ConvertFox allows you to track clicks, form submission, page views and more. This saves you time and money on producing reports and surveys to look at information about customers and what actions they take on your website.

You can then break down information to build a profile about the behaviour of your customers. This is invaluable information that can lead to developing more targeted marketing campaigns as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. It’s a great tool that allows you to be proactive in how you deal with customers and ensure that you remain relevant and accessible.

ConvertFox offers a 21-day free trial so you can experience the service before you sign up. Click here for free trial.


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