Tips to Write a Good CV for Your Dream Job

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Tips to Write a Good CV for Your Dream Job

Nowadays, it is quite essential to know how to write a CV. This skill can lead you to success and show the people your strong sides. Why is this skill significant? Simply because the CV is your try to make a good first impression; it is a reflection of actual professional skills and habits that are necessary for a job. Eventually, on the basis of information, submitted, a mentor of a company or establishment makes a decision whether accept you in the team or not.

But, frequently, an individual may have defined positive work experience and is able to “connect the dots” and compose a cathcing resume. The level of understanding may be so high that a person can operate information for creation helpful schemes and organization of productive working process. Nevertheless, such candidates often fail because they can not express their strong abilities on a paper. This leads to negative consequences for the applicant, and to loss of income and effectiveness of inner processes for a mentor.

Business Legions - Tips to Write a Good CV

Download a template

Before composing the text of your CV, it is necessary to create a template, which will make the perfect form and adjust structure. The best solution is to find a CV creator and insert all your information there to let the program locate the text into the template. You can also find free downloadable templates, print them, fill all the information and decided, which template suits you perfect. The template will help you place all the necessary data and don’t forget a single detail. Besides, the potential employer will be impressed by your creative skills.  

Stress on work experience

Any of your experiences will be relevant if you submit them in the right context. Start by analyzing exactly what you did in the previous work. This will give you the necessary foundation. Think about what your job responsibilities were and how your skills can be applied in a new place.

If, for example, you worked in a fast food restaurant, you probably communicated directly with customers at the checkout – which means you probably tried to convince people to buy additional products, that is, you were engaged in marketing. Most likely, you had to deal with complaints from visitors, and this is already a settlement of conflicts. It is also possible that you have contributed to optimizing work processes and increasing the efficiency of the enterprise. If you have ever participated in scheduling shifts or training new staff, such activities can be presented as planning management or coaching. Turn your creativity and describe your experiences as complex duties you’ve performed.

Business Legions - Tips to Write a Good CV 2

Effective And Helpful Tips

Take a look at tips use of which enable making a clear and understandable resume. Besides, you have the possibility to expertise CV help from Eduzaurus, a website aimed specially for this purpose.

  1. First of all, write your name, last name, and date of birth. This is the simplest part, but not insignificant.
  2. Further, direct graduated educational establishment and, if it has a place, scientific degree, what particular sphere it covers.
  3. If you participated in various contests, add your diplomas and state your achievements.
  4. Tell about work experience, including a name of a company or entrepreneurship, position, duties and period of working there.
  5. Describe courses that you have passed and which can be applied to responsibilities you will be needed to perform. As practice shows, these facts attract employer’s attention.
  6. Tell about your strong sides. It is important to show ability to organize the production coherently, self-organizational, communicative and analytical skills. Omit to tell about your weak sides – every person has ones and you do not oblige to reveal yours.
  7. In the final part of the resume, add your phone number, email address and other means of communication such as Skype, etc.
  8. Don’t include excessive data into CV. It is extremely significant to point out only meaningful points that can be applied for the effective settling of the working matter.

 Add a personal touch

If you do not have any professional experience, or there is not enough of it, or if it’s  becoming inapplicable to modern life, the task of making a powerful resume may seem overwhelming.

But, there are ways to overcome this difficulty. Instead of simply describing work experience, supplement the resume with more interesting information about yourself that relates to your work skill. Break this information into several parts: basic and vocational education, transfer of basic knowledge and skills, “About Me” section, personal interests, participation in public life, awards, as well as the recommendations of former employers.

If you “season” average CV with such additional information, potential employers will have a more integrated view of your abilities and interests, which are much more important than just work experience.

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