5 Tips to Writing an Essay

February 27, 2018   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Business, entrepreneur
5 Tips to Writing an Essay

Writing an essay that is guaranteed to earn you the highest score can be very overwhelming. This is because you have to convince the marker that you understand all the concepts that were taught in class. As a matter of fact, essay writing is not rocket science as we are made to believe. As long as you can gather your facts and present them with flawless grammar, you should be able to get the best grade. You don’t even have to hire someone to write it for you. Essays are actually short and simple when compared with scholarly papers. Below are tips that can help you write an essay without straining your brain.

Double Check the Question

Most students get poor results simply because they don’t understand the question specified in an essay assignment. Before you start writing, it’s advisable that you read the question at least three times to make sure you know what you are required to do. If the examiner wants you to compare and contrast a given topic say bike and car, you should do exactly that. If you focus on one subject too much, you might forget to elaborate on the other. When you understand what you have been asked to do, the essay becomes a piece of cake.

Gather the Facts

An essay is not like a blog. Your facts can only remain true if they are backed by references. It’s therefore recommended that you do a thorough research on the specified question. The good thing is that the internet is full of books and articles that shed light on many topics. By collecting your facts, you will be taking a bottom-up approach. In fact, you should note down your arguments to avoid deviating away from the topic.

Stick to the Essay Structure

An essay normally has three parts; introduction, body and conclusion. If your essay doesn’t follow this structure, it looks horrible. Just like its name suggests, an introduction basically states the issues that will be covered in an essay. By just reading a few paragraphs of an essay, you should be able to know the topic that is covered in the rest of the article. The body is where you build your argument in further detail. The conclusion is a summary of the issues that are discussed in the essay and it usually comes last.

Allow your Ideas to Flow

This one goes without saying. When you start writing, you should allow the ideas to flow so that you can elaborate on your points like your telling a story. In other words, your argument should connect without confusing the reader. Besides that, you should break your points into small paragraphs that have subheadings to avoid boring the reader with long texts. If you have to list some points, make sure they are bulleted to make it easier for the marker to understand your argument.

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Build on Your Grammar

If English is your second language, you definitely have to polish your grammar. Poor grammar really makes you look like an idiot because the marker is not able to understand your argument. With poor grammar, you can be your statement is deemed to be wrong even when you are right on point. You can avoid such costly mistakes by using simple words.

Some writers imagine that they can intimidate markers by using jargons. If you really must throw in some jargons here and there, make sure you first look them up in a dictionary to avoid using words incorrectly. Once you have finished writing your essay, you should proofread it to ensure it doesn’t have typos. You can get more insights on writing essays by visiting writingsamurai.com.

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