Invidyo: World’s Smartest Video Monitor with Smile Detection for $169

June 21, 2018   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Business, deals, design, entrepreneur, website
Invidyo: World's Smartest Video Monitor with Smile Detection for $169
Expires June 30, 2018 23:59 PST
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You can’t always be with your baby, which is why the baby monitor was invented in the first place. Now, modern technology has revolutionized the baby monitor with Invidyo, the first child monitoring solution that employs Artificial Intelligence to keep you fully engaged with your child, even when you aren’t there. Invidyo employs facial recognition technology to snap a photo every time your child smiles and automatically compiles the most important moments in your child’s day into a 2-minute daily highlight clip. So even when you aren’t there, you really are.

Featured on Digital Trends and CNBC

  • Get a 2-minute highlight reel of your baby every single day
  • Label familiar faces & get notifications of unwelcome strangers thanks to state-of-the-art facial recognition technology
  • Capture photos of your smiling baby & save them automatically to a private, shareable Smile Photo Album
  • Check the most important events of your child’s day in just seconds
  • Receive notifications of noise, motion, recognition of a familiar face, detection of a stranger, unexpected temperature change, dangerous humidity level, air quality, & smoke detection in your child’s room
  • Communicate w/ anyone in the room through the mobile app
  • Keep a view on your child in the dark thanks to advanced nightvision



  • Lens: 130º wide-angle HD lens
  • Advanced nightvision
  • 2-Yr Manufacturer Warranty


  • Free app compatible with iOS and Android


  • Camera
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Quick start sheet
  • Wall mount
  • Screws

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