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Every student that majors in marketing graduates from college with high hopes of securing a good job with a big company. But as times passes by, it becomes clear that the dream job will take ages to come around. In fact, finding a job as a marketer is not easy, especially when you have never been employed before. This is because there are so many job seekers out there that are desperately looking for a chance that will enable them to earn their daily bread. Besides that, the number of businesses that can absorb marketers is always dwindling as most of them opt to retrench some of their staff so that they can cope with high operational costs. But there is a brighter side of everything. Fortunately, there are things you can do to stand out from other job seekers. Here is a list of tips that will make it easier for you to land a marketing gig in a flooded job market.

  1. Acquire Hands-on Experience

The role of a marketer is to help businesses promote their products and services. Most companies prefer to hire someone who has hands-on experience. This is because they don’t want to be the one teaching you how to do your job and still pay you. As you wait for your dream job, you should apply what you learned in college in the simplest way possible. Even if you don’t have a business of your own, you definitely have relatives and friends that are entrepreneurs. You should approach such people and others in your inner circle and offer to help in promoting their brands for free. That way, you will be able to apply your digital marketing skills by creating adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. At the end of it all, you will understand how digital marketing works in real world.

  1. Keep Applying for Jobs and Enhancing your Skills

After you have applied for multiple jobs without any success, you might feel like giving up. Remember, quitters can never be winners. You must therefore continue pressing on because you never know where your luck is. Sometimes you might even go to many job interviews but still fail to secure a position. In fact, you should submit applications even to companies that have not yet advertised their positions because they might land on your credentials by coincidence. In addition to that, you should consider enhancing your skills. Having extra skills will give you an edge over other applicants. Incase you didn’t know, marketing is a dynamic profession. New marketing trends every other day and recruiters are always raising the bar. For instance, companies that create websites and apps prefer candidates that have outstanding Ui designer qualifications.   

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  1. Work as a Volunteer

Being idle can ruin your mind.working in a volunteer position gives you a perfect opportunity to utilize your skills. You also get a chance of mingling with renowned marketers who might refer you to recruiters that they are friends with. Keep in mind that the job market is all about who you know. As a matter of fact, most employers hire through referrals because they want to deal with people that they know from their inner circles. The other advantage is that working as a volunteer enhances the details of your CV. The most interesting part is that an opening might present itself in the company you are working for and they will give you first priority.

  1. Create a Blog

Creating a blog will give you a chance to demonstrate on your skills and abilities. This because you will post articles on how businesses can promote their products on the internet. Your blog will actually be read by many people some of whom could be potential employers. The good thing about having your own blog is that it enables you to perfect your marketing skills by using SEO, email marketing, guest posts and social networks. You don’t have to spend  money when creating a blog. You can get a free blog and hosting from Blogger and WordPress.

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