NicoBloc Smoking Cessation: Bundle of 3 for $37

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NicoBloc Smoking Cessation: Bundle of 3 for $37
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Quitting is hard, NicoBloc makes it easier. It’s a smoking cessation aid that does not require you to quit cold turkey like other methods. By simply putting a drop directly on the cigarette filter, NicoBloc simply blocks the tar and nicotine without anything going in or on your body. It’s an all-natural product with zero side effects. NicoBloc is clinically proven to help you quit gradually while smoking your own brand making it easier to wean off nicotine dependency while reducing the inhalation of tar. For those who struggle to quit, NicoBloc provides an option to take a positive step towards reducing the harm caused by smoking.

  • Innovative new way to quit smoking on your terms without going cold turkey
  • Blocks up to 99% of tar & nicotine w/ no loss of taste or satisfaction
  • Reduces quantity of cigarettes smoked
  • Progress chart lets you calculate targets & record results

University of Pennsylvaqnia, School of Medicine Treatment Research Center: “No increased cravings or withdrawal symptoms – 53% quitting success”

National Institute of Drug Abuse Addiction Research Center, Baltimore, MD: “No change in taste or loss of satisfaction when using NicoBloc”

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person.



  • Content: cornsyrup, water, citric acid, FDA-classified food-grade ingredients
  • Volume: 0.50fl oz (15ml)
  • One bottle for 2 weeks use
  • How to use
  • Progress chart


  • 3x Bottles of NicoBloc Smoking Cessation (0.50Fl Oz)

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