Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle for $46

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Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus Bundle for $46
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Part hi-tech key organizer, part Swiss Army knife, part lost & found service – all in one modern, streamlined design, the Keyport Pivot Outdoor Plus bundle replaces your bulky keychain and consolidates your most essential everyday carry items – keys, pocket tools, and smart tech – into a single stylish, modular multi-tool that you will use multiple times every day. This bundle includes the Keyport Pivot, Pocketknife Module, Mini-Flashlight, MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool, Keyport ID, and an S-Biner.

  • Keyport Pivot
    • Holds 2 to 9 of your existing keys
    • Proprietary locking mechanism provides perfect tension for keys & tools to ensure smooth operation
    • 360° low profile & swivel D-ring to attach loose items like an auto remote fob
    • Not intended for use (inside the device) w/ auto keys or rounded plastic head keys
  • Pocketknife Module
    • A handy blade that attaches to the side of your Keyport Pivot
    • 2.2″ drop point blade profile w/ a slip joint blade lock
  • Mini-Flashlight Module
    • 12 lumen mini-flashlight, perfect portable lighting solution
    • Easily attached to or removed from your Keyport Pivot
  • MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool
    • Multi-purpose keychain tool that helps you to get things done
    • Serves as a bottle opener, screwdriver, cutter, hex bit driver, and more
  • Keyport ID Lost & Found Tag
    • Connects owners & finders directly and anonymously with just a click
    • Not reliant on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, won’t drain your phone’s battery
  • S-Biner
    • Excellent for securing key fobs & other loose items to your Keyport
    • Can also be used to attach Keyport to a zipper, bag, backpack, or belt loop



  • Keyport Pivot
    • Color: black
    • Materials: anodized 6061 aluminum, stainless steel
    • Product dimensions: 0.6″H x 3.3″L x 0.9″W
    • 2 to 9 keys and/or tool inserts
    • Proprietary lock mechanism
    • 360-degree swivel D-ring
    • Lightweight & compact
  • Pocketknife: 2.2″ blade
  • Mini flashlight: 12 lumens
  • MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool
    1. Bottle opener
    2. Flathead screwdriver
    3. Cord cutter
    4. Box opener
    5. Scoring tool
    6. Hex bit driver
    7. 1/4” wrench
    8. 5/16” wrench
    9. 3/8” wrench
    10. 2” ruler
  • Keyport ID
    • Lost & found tag
    • FREE 2-year subscription
    • Not reliant on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • S-Biner: lightweight, glass-filled nylon carabiner
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty


  • Keyport Pivot (Black)
  • Pocketknife Module
  • Mini-Flashlight Module
  • MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool
  • KeyportID Tag
  • S-Biner

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