Drill Brush® Cleaning Supply Kit with Cleaning Solution for $29

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Drill Brush® Cleaning Supply Kit with Cleaning Solution for $29
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Need a little of everything? This kit has every brush shape and every unique stiffness to make sure you always have the proper tool for the job! These brushes are designed as attachments for use in the cordless drill that you already own. No need to buy another tool to sit in your closet! This variety of drill-powered cleaning brushes and pads is perfect for use on multiple purposes. Get rid of stubborn dirt on your tub, stoves, cabinets, tiles, grills, and so much more! The brushes are color-coded too to avoid cross-contamination. To give you better efficiency, this kit also includes a 4oz bottle of Drill-Tergent, specially formulated to kill 99% of germs. Use it for all your cleaning tasks!

4.5/5 stars on Amazon:
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  • 5″ Yellow Medium Stiffness Brush. For cleaning flat surfaces around your bathroom
  • 5″ White Soft Brush. For flat surfaces around the house; wheels, carpet, upholstery, glass, leather & more
  • 4″ Red Stiff Brush. For cleaning large flat areas like tile walls, countertops, & even linoleum
  • 4″ Red Moderate Scrub Pad. Best used on stainless steel, linoleum, porcelain, & composites like fiberglass or carbon fiber
  • 3″ Backer for Scrub Pads. Attaches scrubbing pads to cordless drills & impact drivers
  • 4oz Drill-Tergent. Non-toxic cleaning solution that removes 99% of germs



  • Color: red, yellow, white
  • Materials: nylon polypropylene
  • Product dimensions:
    • Brushes: 5″, 4″
    • Scrub pad: 3″
    • Hool & loop backer: 3″
  • Check color chart here
  • Drill-Tergent: 4oz
  • Manufacturer’s 90-day warranty


  • 1x 5″ Yellow Medium Stiffness Brush
  • 1x 5″ White Soft Brush
  • 1x 4″ Red Stiff Brush
  • 3x 4″ Red Moderate Scrub Pads
  • 1x 3″ Backer
  • 1x 4oz Drill-Tergent

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