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Business Legions 5 Mobile Apps To Use For Your Business Relocation

Realistically speaking, moving a business can be an overwhelming process. Aside from the disruption to your operations, you also need to think about how you can transport all your office belongings safely and securely. Fortunately, with the advent of innovative mobile apps, the entire process can go smoothly. 

So, if you have plans of relocating your business to a new location, below are the five mobile applications you can use from the get-go:

Business Legions 5 Mobile Apps To Use For Your Business Relocation content
  1. Move Advisor

As a business owner, it’s important to stay organized throughout your relocation process. Unlike a house move, transferring your office to a new location can be time-consuming and challenging. You need all the help you can get to streamline the transition and reduce the disruption it can cause to your business operations. 

Because of this, installing the Move Advisor app can be a great idea. This mobile software can help you become organized during the move. It comes with the following features that can make your business relocation a seamless one: 

  • Moving Checklist: This app allows you to create a moving checklist, outlining all your tasks along with their deadlines. It also has a reminder feature that can remind you of the deadline, thereby making sure you complete the task on time. 
  • Inventory Checklist: This application can also help you come up with a detailed inventory list of all your business possessions. With an inventory, you can ensure that nothing will be misplaced during the transit. 
  • Search For Moving Companies: Another feature you can use with this software is that you can search for the right moving professionals like the ones in www.veteranmoversnyc.com. All you have to do is browse through the listings and you can quickly find the best one for your business move. 
  1. OfferUp

Just like a house move, you surely have lots of unnecessary items in the office that you don’t want to bring with you to your new location. Because of this, it can be a good idea to use OfferUp to get rid of all unnecessary things without hassle. By downloading this software, you can sell your stuff without having to organize a garage sale in your neighborhood. Just take photos of each item, add a description and price details in the description box, and post it to the platform. 

Once you’re done, just wait for potential buyers to message you about a sale. With this mobile app, you can get rid of all unwanted items while earning extra money on the side. 

  1. Sortly

Now that you’ve decluttered your old office, the next thing to do is to pack all your office belongings in a safe and secure manner. However, packing business stuff can be more challenging since you’ll be dealing with heavy equipment such as xerox copiers, printers, fax machines, computers, office furniture, and many more. For this reason, downloading the Sortly app can be an excellent idea. 

With this moving software, you can pack all your business possessions in an organized manner. Its platform allows you to pack things and categorize them by room, importance, and many more. Moreover, if you have a premium account of Sortly, you can generate QR code labels which can make the whole labeling process much easier and faster. Also, the good thing about this feature is that you can scan the QR code labels using the app itself to check if there’s something missing in your inventory list. 

  1. Magicplan

If you’re an iOS user, installing the Magicplan app can be a perfect option. Since arranging a new office can be a tedious process, you need this software to help you arrange your new office. Luckily, when you use Magicplan, you can create floor plans quickly. Having a floor plan layout can be an essential step toward creating the best office space. It can help you check if your new space will work for its purpose. 

Therefore, if you want your new office space to be arranged perfectly after moving, don’t hesitate to use this mobile app for your needs. Just mark the corners of the area using your camera and once you’re finished, this software will aggregate a floor plan for you.  Remember, when you have a layout of your new place, the more seamless your whole relocation will be. 

  1. TaskRabbit

As a business owner, you want your new space to be clean and functional when you and your employees arrive. In fact, there may be minor renovations that need to be accomplished to create a conducive work environment for your employees and customers. But, in order to get these things done properly, you need some professionals to handle the work for you. 

Thus, if you’re searching for people who can give your new office space a makeover, using the TaskRabbit app can be a good option. This mobile software can help you connect with a variety of professionals who specialize in cleaning, interior designing, carpentry, electrical and plumbing projects, and many more. Instead of calling your prospects one by one, TaskRabbit will do all the tasks for you. All you have to do is download this app and you’re good to go. 


Indeed, moving a business is never an easy undertaking. But, with the availability of some technological advancements nowadays, you can carry out a business move with ease. 

Therefore, if you’re moving your business anytime soon, download these mobile apps so you can streamline the entire process.

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