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How do you delete all the pending comments in WordPress

I fyou get annoyed at all the spammed comments in your WordPress and want to delete all these in one go then there are two options available to delete all the pending comments in your WordPress website. One way is to go into the mysql database via phpadmin and use an SQL statement and delete […]

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How to update pricings for all products in jigoshop

REMEMBER to backup your database before making any changes!!! In order to change the prices for all products in your store, you will need to get into your database (mysql) and run an SQL statement. Here’s an example to change the prices for ALL PRODUCTS to 90% of the original price: update wp_postmeta set meta_value […]

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WordPress problem when moving folders

  I tried moving my WordPress folder to the root of my hosting account and things went pear shaped. After some debugging, I noticed that in the database stored the URL of the website. This meant I had to change most of the data entries in the database. I knew nothing about SQL queries but […]

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