Never let your domain name expire!

July 4, 2013   /   byMarco  / Categories :  Business, SEO, Technology

Never let your domain name expire!  Business Legions BlogWhat I’ve learnt in the past few years about managing websites, page ranking and SEO is that your website is your biggest digital asset. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is NEVER, EVER let your domain name EXPIRE. I recently forgot to renew the domain name and when I received the last and final notification I thought I’d better consolidate and transfer the domain name to my other hosting provider. Apparently the transfer process takes about 7 days. So during this period, my website went down and was not accessible. Now here’s a few reasons why you should always renew your domain name:

  • If Google can’t index your pages, say goodbye to your search results page ranking. About six months ago I created a post titled “How to make money building smartphone apps?” which ranked highly for the term make money building apps. If you don’t believe me watch this video: It was consistently on the first page of Google. Now… it’s gone. Here’s what I think happened. We all know Google search algorithms are the pinnacle of search. So Google doesn’t obviously want to direct you to websites that no longer have content. So once Google bots are unable to crawl your site, then Google flags this and removes the search result listing from it’s search engine. Which makes perfect sense.
  • You won’t receive emails to that address e.g It may seem like a very small matter, but if you use this as your primary email address then you won’t be receiving any emails and you won’t even know who sent you an email. What’s worse is that all your domain transfer notifications are actually sent to this address and if you can’t access it, then you won’t know when the transfer is complete. I basically ended up changing the notifications to a gmail account that I had so I would at least get notified when the transfer was complete.
  • Once it’s expired and if someone snatches it off you then it’s almost impossible to get it back. Even with all the begging in the world won’t help. But of course if you offered them money they may want to sell it back to you. Any signs of desperation that you want to buy the domain name back gives the other party the opportunity to increase the cost. Pretty much the domain name will be held at ransom.
  • Some domain hosting companies may offer you an incentive to transfer the domain name to them. So take up this opportunity and do it before it expires.

So I’ve learnt my lesson not to let my domain name expire. I have now added a reminder in my calendar of when the domains expire so that I don’t forget to renew it. Have you had any bad or good experiences you can share with us?

UPDATE: Google has crawled through my website and now my blog post is listed as the second result from the list. Thanks Google!


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