Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks

August 15, 2020   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Business, Technology
Business Legions Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks

One of the biggest threats to modern businesses is cyber-crime, and yet surprisingly, many companies are unprepared. This is because it can be complicated as a business to know what your digital weaknesses are and what gaps exist for cybercriminals to infiltrate.

If you’re in a position to boost the security of your IT but are unsure about how to go about it, the tips below may help.

Business Legions Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks content

Be Prepared

If you’re a business owner, your energies are likely spent more on selling your products and services, and less on your IT. But the damage to your business should you experience a cyber-attack can be huge in terms of lost revenue or data.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, be prepared. This begins with a business security plan where you review your own skills in this area, whether you need outside help, and what potential weaknesses you might have. By preparing in this way, you can begin to take the necessary steps to improve your cybersecurity.

Know the Risks

Part of assessing your weaknesses is to know what kinds of cyber-crimes are out there. Do some research into the type of attacks that currently exist and what has happened in the past. Some of the more common threats include:

  • Hacking: where someone gains unauthorized access to your systems
  • Password attacks: when a user’s password has been cracked
  • Phishing scams: emails sent from fake sources to trick the user into giving up sensitive information
  • Malware: malicious software like viruses or worms that infiltrate a network
  • Ransomware: where access to a computer is prevented until a sum of money is paid

Invest in Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

All businesses must have sound anti-virus and anti-malware software on their systems. Rather than just opt for any software, though, it’s advisable to reach out to companies like Stronghold Services Corporation. They provide a managed 24/7 service to protect against all kinds of security threats. Their business-class anti-virus services can give you the peace of mind that your networks are constantly secure and monitored.

Update Your Software

Software updates can be a pain, particularly when they take up time. However, these updates are essential for cybersecurity because they include essential patches that are designed to stop hackers from getting in. As loopholes change all the time, so too, must software security. Therefore, you must update your software regularly to stay up to date.

Train Your Staff

Ensuring your staff are trained is also vital for maintaining security. Ensure that you have a password policy in place so that your staff use strong passwords and change them regularly. You also want to school them on the dangers that exist so that they know what to watch out for, particularly when it comes to phishing emails or suspicious phone calls.

Final Thoughts

The importance of cybersecurity measures cannot be underestimated. With cyber-attacks costing small businesses upwards of $200,000 on average, you cannot afford to put this on your low-priority list. Review the tips above or contact an IT services company that can ensure that your business stays safe well into the future.

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