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5 Industries Where You Can Deploy Infor M3 solutions header

You started a medical device manufacturing firm, but the growing demand for medical kits has compelled you to look for sophisticated shop floor automation. With a flourishing business and such increasing operation complexity hard to manage, you could find an ERP solution, like Infor M3, very productive.

5 Industries Where You Can Deploy Infor M3 solutions

Infor M3 is an ERP cloud-based solution that deals with complex processes for enterprise distributors and service providers.

If you own a medium or large firm with a global footprint, you can click here and check out these solutions tailor-made for your industry. The smart Infor M3 solutions ensure excellent user experience, flexible deployment, and sector-specific features to help you handle complex value chains in your facility. Here are some industries where you can deploy Infor M3 for a seamless business transformation.

Food and Beverage

This industry requires a comprehensive ERP solution to respond to changes in customer demands, speed up a global supply chain and limit the shelf life issues.

With Infor M3 solutions, you can incorporate a rich ERP functionality for improved business intelligence. You could realise micro-vertical specialisation across domains like dairy, bakery, processed foods, to name a few. The solution providers also offer add-on components, like Infor fresh food planner, to enhance your business operations systematically.


The fashion industry is highly competitive, presenting ever-changing, complex demands. You will have to install an adept ERP system to address the unique challenges you may face as a brand owner, distributor or retailer.

When you seek professional help from Infor M3 solution agencies, you can utilise their plethora of software products specifically designed for the fashion industry. This cloud-based suite has prolific capabilities, including product design and development, supply chain planning, production management and inventory control. Click here to know more about their offerings, recommended for the fashion sector.


A balanced supply and demand, optimised operations and well-managed supply chain execution form the core for a wholesale distribution company. You will need a robust ERP suite to steer and control all involved costs, making the Distribution scalable to support growth.

Infor M3 package providers offer industry-specific functionality, such as order entry, better purchasing decisions and complex pricing, explicitly built for Distribution. The solutions also include value-added services, like kitting, assembly, and much more.


The prevailing global economic unpredictability and the continuous pressure to keep up the fuel efficiency demand a far-reaching ERP suite for the equipment industry. You will need the latest cloud-based solutions for applications like warehouse mobility, financial accounting, a must for business continuity.

Hiring a competent Infor M3 specialist will enable you to implement ERP solutions for your equipment lifecycle management, rental planning and equipment movement required at your firm.


The manufacturing industry involves massive volumes of inventory. A capable cloud-based ERP package can help you with the initial forecasting, capacity planning, production management, and other facets of your warehouse.

Top agencies present Infor M3 features designed for the manufacturing industry to deal with aspects, from product configuration to reverse bill of materials. You get to experience rich ERP functionality with solutions for embedded collaboration and easy integration.

If you wish to increase your supply chain visibility and better control your trading relationships, hire a professional who offers prolific Infor M3 solutions. As the Cloud Suite platform combines the offerings with an innovative technology service, you can experience a sustained operational advantage in your industry.

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