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Camps in Canada

Canadian summer camps are deservedly popular with parents and children. For one thing, they are attracted by the country’s good ecology, low crime rate and low prices. For vacationers themselves, the vacation program is an opportunity to learn a foreign language, meet people from other countries and have an unforgettable time.

Canadian Summer Camp Program Features

Summer vacation in Canada is a fun combination of business and leisure, as most children’s camps in this country focus not only on fun and active pastimes, but also on in-depth study of English and French. Therefore, an exciting and eventful summer vacation in Canada will allow your child to have a great time while improving their knowledge of foreign languages, as the Canadian education system is one of the most effective in the world. During your summer vacation in Canada, your child will learn English and French, play sports, and visit world-famous historical and natural attractions – Vancouver and Toronto, Niagara Falls, Nature National Park, and Dordt. With a variety of fun activities to do in your free time, summer language programs in Canada are perfect for children and teenagers. The main advantage of summer vacation in Canada is that students can deepen their knowledge of a foreign language by interacting directly with native speakers. Such language workshops provide an opportunity to better absorb new knowledge. It also benefits from a regular program with highly qualified and experienced teachers who have advanced teaching methods and are looking for an individual approach for each child. Teachers develop their education programs in such a way that students not only acquire new knowledge easily, but also enjoy it.

Summer Programs

In Canadian summer programs, young people not only have fun, but learn. However, learning in Canadian classrooms that are technologically well-equipped and use modern teaching methods is just a pleasure. There are several programs available.

  • Intensive English. This program lasts 4 weeks and includes 30 hours of English language study.
  • Academic Program. There are two tracks: one in science, technology, economics and international trade; the other in psychology, geography, law and political science.
  • Preparation for TOEFL/IELTS. These exams are required if the teenager plans to study or work abroad in the future.
  • English. The program lasts 3-4 weeks and consists of 15 classes per week. The focus here is on the development of speaking and communication skills if the previous course was designed to prepare for passing the exam successfully.
  • Some courses require a good knowledge of English, while others require an elementary level. For more information, see the vacation program page.

Sports, creativity and leisure

In almost all summer camp programs, classes end in the afternoon. After that – lunch, followed by sports or creativity, and in the evening – recreation. At camp, youth swim, play tennis, golf, play basketball, try fencing and work out. It’s all about choice: if the child doesn’t like sports, let him choose creativity, like dancing. At 8 p.m., the entertainment program begins at the camp. Here, everyone can show off their skills: sing a heartfelt song in karaoke or knock out three teams in a row in the bowling alley. Children are taken shopping, discos and parties are arranged. The weekend includes a trip to Canada. Your child will take a boat trip on Lake Ontario, visit a Wonderland amusement park, see one of the tallest buildings in the world and much more. 

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Advantages of Summer Camps in Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The picturesque mountains, magnificent crystal lakes and colorful forests seem to come out of a painting. It’s a country of color. Here you can see endless skyscrapers, popular art museums and galleries, unusual examples of ancient and modern architecture and much more.

In addition to the attractions of this amazing country, Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. Canada’s international schools offer a variety of educational language programs that are in the highest demand during the summer months. Language camps in Canada are preference-based and are suitable for both young children and experienced travelers. Therefore, planning a summer vacation in Canada is a must for anyone who is considering a solid language course, total immersion in the language environment and an unusual and exciting trip. At language schools, students are drawn to a truly exciting atmosphere of activities. Given the high ratings of the language schools and the excellent reputation of the language programs and camps, many parents and their children prefer to learn a foreign language in Canada. Children from all over the world come to language camps. For this reason, private language schools have developed tremendous skills and proficiency in language instruction over the years. It is also important that language schools offer a variety of language programs. Courses can be chosen based on the richness and depth of the language study as well as the duration and start date of the education. Since summer camps abroad target students from different countries, it is important for the organizers to take into account the characteristics, cultural values and perspectives of all children. Various types of tasks and methods are used in the program to learn a foreign language. It is worth mentioning that these tasks are carried out using interactive teaching methods, using colorful handouts and electronic resources, which certainly increases the interest of the students. The teachers know how to keep the children interested not only in unusual language learning activities, but also in trips, excursions and enjoy sports and various developmental activities in addition to lessons. Developing the daily arrangements for the language camp is the responsibility of the most experienced teachers and workers, who know exactly what the children and their parents want to get out of the trip. Summer schools abroad are very popular because parents give absolute custody of their children to experts and can plan independently without worrying about their children’s entertainment.

How to send your child to summer camp in Canada

Paperwork is a simple matter, the main thing is to handle this responsibly and double check everything to avoid any problems at the border.

Therefore, the child on the trip will need

  • Passport
  • Medical policy

Medical insurance is mandatory for children traveling abroad. It is important to note here that the general insurance does not cover problems caused by underlying illnesses (valid at the time of insurance), so if the child has health problems (and they are likely to worsen during the trip), it will be necessary to issue an extended policy for him.

  •  Permission to travel abroad

This is necessary if the child is traveling without his or her parents. It indicates the date of travel, the country of destination. In addition, the consulate has certain requirements for the content of the power of attorney, which can be indicated on the official website or by the travel agency. It is assumed that the permission can be signed by only one of the parents, provided that the second parent has not received a statement that he does not agree with the child’s departure.

  • Authorization to accompany the child

A trusted person responsible for the life and health of the child can be a representative of the children’s camp (camp director or group curator), a travel agent (program representative) or another private person (for example, a relative or some close friend living in the UK or US).

  • Transportation Requests for Unaccompanied Children

Required if the child is under the age of 12 and is flying without a parent.

In this case, the child is transported under the supervision of the carrier: a crew member attaches to him, picks up the child from the parents, takes care of him during the flight and transfers him to the camp representative upon arrival. However, not all airlines offer this service. This needs to be clarified before buying a ticket. Carrier-supervised transportation can be extended to children under 16 years of age at the request of the parents.

Prices of summer camps in Canada

The price of a children’s camp depends on several factors: seasonality, geography, accommodation options, type of food, leisure program, and additional fees.

Typical average prices start at $500 CAD

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