Bufallo Linkstation Pro Quad “Failed to operate disk. Please resubmit after restart”

March 20, 2012   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Technology

I recently purchased a Bufallo Linkstation Pro Quad chassis (didn’t come with HHD) which costed the same price as a 2 bay drive from another vendor. I spent hours trying to figure out how to set up a raid 0 when you still 2 hard disks. Unfortunately after reading several forums posts, I found out that there is a bug which doesn’t allow you to setup raid 0 unless you have 4 drives installed.
Initially I only had 2 drives and I couldn’t get the raid 0 option, but after installing 4 drives I did have the option of setting them up as raid 0. The only downside of using raid 0 is that if one of the hard disks fails, then you lose the data across all the other drives.
The other issue that I encountered was when adding two additional drives to the enclosure. I originally had 2 x 2TB drives and these were not configured with any raid settings.
I had two 1TB external drives that I decided to add to the NAS but when trying to format each of the drives I kept getting the error “Failed to operate disk. Please resubmit after restart”.

After spending hours trying to resolve this problem I ended up doing the following:

1. removed the original drives in bay 1 and 2.
2. inserted the 1TB drives in bay 1 and 2
3. In the web admin management pages, clicked on System – Restore and Erase.
4. Clicked on Erase and let the system erase the HHD.

When the system restarted I moved the 1TB drives to bay 3 and 4 and reinserted the original 2TB to bay 1 and 2.

After following these instructions I was able to create shares and was able to access the drives.

Hope this also helps another poor soul.

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