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On the job injuries: around 2.3 million happen per year and are a horrible situation for everyone involved.

More than that, they serve as a life-altering occurrence for the employee(s) that are involved and can be a major setback for the company.

The entire process for worker’s compensation, between the employee, attorneys, insurance companies, and employer, can get hostile really quickly.

Obviously, the best way to avoid accidents at work is by using as many preventative exercises as possible, protecting everyone involved.

Here are the best ways to keep everyone safe and prevent poor working conditions that may leave you and your workers/coworkers at risk.

  1. Stay Alert at All Times

Most common workplace injuries occur because the employee is distracted from the danger that they walk into.

For example, an employee carrying a large box down the hallway is unable to see the wet spot only a few steps away from them. Because of that, they end up slipping and severely hurting themselves.

That could’ve been prevented if the employee was a bit more careful and walked down the hallway at an angle to see what was in front of him or her.

If you notice that you’re starting off your workday a bit more tired than usual, grab a cup of coffee or tea as soon as possible to wake yourself up.

Feeling sleeping is another leading cause of lack of awareness, leaving you and your fellow employees at risk.

  1. Keep an Organized Workspace

A clean workspace is a healthy workspace! How many times have you tripped over the clutter lying around the floor at your house? Those of you with kids are especially familiar with that frustration.

During the hustle and bustle of your workday, it’s easy to forget about prioritizing a clean workspace. Stuff gathers pretty quickly between you and your fellow employees.

Set aside 10-15 minutes each day for you and everyone else to move things out of the way and clean up any messes that may have taken place.

Doing so will keep everyone as safe as possible, and your entire workplace will be better for it.

An accident in a warehouse. Woman running towards her colleague lying on the floor next to a forklift.

  1. Abide by the Safety Rules

You wouldn’t elect to not wear your seatbelt while driving your car full speed, so why choose to not wear the safety gear your workplace requires you to?

Both are provided to you, and both are essential to protecting your health and future.

Think about it this way… if there’s safety gear that’s been invented for preventing a certain situation, it’s because that situation has caused people their health and lives in the past.

Abiding by the safety codes and regulations that you’re taught on the job should be a top priority. You’ll be protected from any fiasco that happens.

  1. Signage, Signage, Signage!

As previously mentioned, awareness always helps in preventing certain injuries from happening. 

One of the best ways to increase your awareness, as well as everyone else’s, is by setting up signage whenever and wherever you feel it’s needed. You simply can’t ever have enough of it!

Whether it’s a “slippery when wet” sign, a “place items far back on the shelves” sign, or anything else, it protects the integrity of your workplace’s operations.

While efficiency is always important, safety is even more so. 

Everyone goes through the same training courses but not all of the rules and alerts get registered the same way in people’s heads. It takes several reminders of the proper approach to help drive the point home and signage is a great way to do that.

  1. Don’t do Shortcuts… Ever

Modern-day Corporate America happens almost at the speed of light, and employees are tasked with keeping that same pace to meet demand.

Those times that employees feel the urgency are especially susceptible to an accident because they’ll elect to take shortcuts to meet time constraints.

However, those shortcuts are often dangerous and can lead to severe injury.

For example, a worker in a retail store is going back to the storage room to retrieve an item to bring to a customer that’s asking for it. Turns out, that item is on the very top shelf.

To save time on grabbing the ladder that’s all the way on the other side of the room, they climb the shelves to try and grab the item but fall in the process.

The “shortcut” that the employee was trying to take lead to a serious, life-altering injury. Don’t ever put yourself in this situation. If you see coworkers trying shortcuts, use it as an opportunity to correct them on it.

  1. Report any Accident Quickly

Accidents in the workplace can happen in the blink of an eye. When they do, not many workers know how to properly handle it. 

First, attend to the worker as much as possible, then report it and ask for help as soon as possible. They may need medical attention, and the sooner that help arrives, the better.

This is also important for that employee’s worker compensation. The sooner an employer is aware of the situation, the sooner they can get things going on taking care of the financial side of things.

As the one to report the accident, you may be requested to be a witness during the worker’s compensation settlement process. So be sure to take as many mental notes of the setting and details of the accident for future use.

Prevent Accidents at Work With Attention to Detail

Accidents at work can often be prevented with a bit more awareness of everyone involved.

The “see something, do something” philosophy works wonders in preventing workplace injuries down the line.

Be sure to check back with us often for helpful information on several aspects of modern business.

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