Issue with TightVNC Web Viewer and Chrome v43

May 22, 2015   /   by Marco  / Categories :  Google, Software
TightVNC Web Java Issue

In a previous post, I wrote an article on how to get TightVNC Viewer Working in Java. The instructions worked well but just recently I tried using the same instructions on another computer and realised that running the TightVNC Web viewer using Chrome didn’t work. I spent hours trying to work out what the problem could be. I initially thought that maybe it was the computer I was using so I tried it on my laptop and had the same issue. Here’s what I kept getting when opening the viewer applet example.html file:

TightVNC Web Java Issue

The error message was “This site uses a plugin (Java(TM)) that is unsupported. To troubleshoot the problem I tried a number of things. I tried reinstalling tightVNC which didn’t help. I then uninstalled Java and reinstalled it which didn’t work either. I then decided to reinstall Chrome and that didn’t fix the problem. I felt a bit frustrated so I decided to leave it for a few days and decided to come back to it… that was like a few weeks ago (yes I did forget about it). For some reason, today I decided to give it another go.

This time I paid a bit more attention at the issue. In the above screenshot you may not have noticed because I deliberately cropped the image but there is a Learn More button. Here what I mean:

TightVNC Web Java Issue Learn More

I decided to click on this button and the answer on how to fix the issue was right there. The button went to the following site:

In the article it mentioned that NPAPI plugins (what ever that is) does not work in Chrome version 42 and above. So that got me a bit curious so I decide to login to the machine that I originally used that had TightVNC Web Viewer working and low and behold it was using Chrome version 41. That’s why it was working!!! NPAPI worked on that version.

Anyways as per the instruction the way to fix the issue it to enable NPAPI plugins and in order to do this:

  • Open Chrome
  • Type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  • Then press enable
  • TightVNC Web Java Issue Fix Enable NPAPI

Test by running the example file (viewer applet example.html) and see if the error message comes up. If it does then it means that it’s fixed.

 This fix will only work until Chrome version 45 (the current version of Chrome is 43) which will be released in 2015. So if you want to still use TightVNC Web viewer don’t upgrade your Chrome. 


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